Agency Arms Complete Build

Agency Arms Complete Build

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Step up your plastic gun game level to expert!  Through an outstanding quality control process, the standard Glock workhorse is transformed into this outstanding looking, feeling and shooting pistol.  With full frame stippling all done by hand, no detail is missed - now offering three different stipple patterns and numerous cuts (some specific to Gen 3, Gen 4  and Gen 5 Models) all the better to fit the gun to your hand, and give you every advantage in running the platform.

With three major slide patterns to choose from you benefit from added cocking serrations (both front and rear), weight reduction windows and your choice of side and top cut windows.  RMR cuts (can also facilitate Leupold Deltapoint Pro) are standard to all slides or splurge and be cutting edge with the NEW AMO (Agency Optic System), all slides are shipped with a cover that when not using an optic matches the rest of your sleek slide.

If requested Agency Built guns come with a hand fitted Agency Trigger where extra attention is paid to contact surfaces ensuring flawless function prior to leaving the Factory.   

For pricing on your new Agency build get a hold of us today - agency(at)

*Frame Work:

    -Gen 3 is a full wrap stipple

    -Gen 4 is a stipple allowing you to run a back strap

    -Gen 4 Meld Stipples your favorite back strap to your frame

    -Gen 5 is a stipple allowing you to run a back strap

    -Gen 5 Meld Stipples your favorite back strap to your frame

*Standard Delivery time is between 10-16 weeks on custom orders depending on import windows and factory wait times.

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