PVS-31C Dual Tube Gen III Night Vision Goggles

PVS-31C Dual Tube Gen III Night Vision Goggles

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The fact is that a "dual tube" night vision optical system has proven to be more effective and safe for low light conditions compared to a "pseudo binocular" system, commonly known as "PVS-7", which is a "one lens - two eyes" type of NVD. 

The crucial issue in modern military is the "survivability" of a soldier. 


Depth perception of such "dual tube" device allows using this set for operating various machines, boats etc., in addition to basic ground operations.  PVS-31C is considered as the most favorable night vision goggles in new procurements regardless the higher cost while comparing with "one-tube-NVD".  PVS-31C is high performance modular, multi-purpose night vision binoculars. Precisely and ruggedly built housing and optics meet and in some cases exceed military specifications. 


PVS-31C can be used as a handheld device or with head gear, helmet mount assemblies for hands free use. Device has a built-in short range Infrared Illuminator, light overload sensor and Manual Gain Control (optional, with selected IIT).  PVS-31C works with a single AA battery or with a single CR123 battery.

Standard PVS-31 comes with Gen 2+ IIT's and 1000-1250 FOM.


Every PVS-31 is protected by 7-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.


PVS-31C is compatible with most IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.

PVS-31C is fully MIL-STD-810E compliant and ITAR-free, Canadian Made System.

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