The ONE Glock Holster - Gray Fox Strategic

The ONE Glock Holster - Gray Fox Strategic

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  • Product Code: The ONE Glock Holster - Gray Fox Strategic
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Have a few different Glocks ?  Sick of always having to swap holsters on your belt/leg rig?  Well, do we have a fix for you!  We have been working with Gray Fox Strategic to develop a more universal Glock Holster, one that will take pistols form compact (G19/23) up to the long slide (G34/35) all with or without comps (tested with Agency Arms 417 Compensators).  Now the one hitch to all this is your Glock must be wearing either a Surefire XH30/35, but come on, is that really THAT bad?

Other Features

  • Compatible with most slide mounted RDS (Red Dot Sights)
  • Mounting available in G-Code, Safariland, and Blade-Tech configurations
  • 3 Setable screws to dial in your retention to just right for you

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